RAJASTHAN : "Dharati dhora ri"....

Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life.
Rajasthan had a glorious history. It was also called Rajputana (the country of the Rajputs);
It is also a tourism destination with lots of tourist attractions and good tourist facilities. This historical state of India attracts tourists and vacationers with its rich culture, tradition, heritage, and monuments. It has also some sanctuaries & national parks.
More than 70% of Rajasthan is vegetarian, which makes it the most vegetarian state in India.

The beauty of desertland Rajasthan

Colourful and chaotic, mysterious and exotic - welcome to Rajasthan. Explore the fairytale cities of the desert, travel to beautiful palaces filled with treasures of the maharajah and wander through forts with fascinating histories. Marvel at the grandeur of the Taj Mahal in Agra, travel across the Jaisalmer desert on camelback and witness the romantic 'Blue City' of Jodhpur. Be immersed in this intriguing state of India - stay in traditional towns, meet the locals in markets and bazaars, and taste delicious regional dishes. Add a touch of comfort and some very special hotels for a true Rajasthani travel adventure.

The ship of desert : camel

 The camel is a domestic animal that has been used by men from many year in desert area specially in rajasthan .  nature created it with excellent abilities that enable it to walk for long distance over sandy desert hills where there is neither water nor food , and where strong hot in day time and cool wind in night and dust stroms are frequently . thats why it is called "the ship of desert"  


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