About me

Who am I?

Hi, I am Ravi an Engineer, a traveller and a photographer. I am completely obsessed with photography and a true believer in the power of images. Travelling for photography and seeing the new culture and horizons is what I live for! This is the space where I share my travel experiences, feel about the untouched beauty of the world, life stories,  tips for photography and photos in the form photo stories and blogs.

My Life story?

                                       i don't have any big  story about my life . i was born in a small town in Rajasthan .Curious about the life beyond the boundaries, longing to escape its regressive clutches, I entered the big city life and started to work in the sprawling Indian IT industry as an Engineer. 
However, I found there was something is missing. by profession i am an engineer but don't have much interest in technical field wanted to do something different in life which can give me a new vibes .
So i just packed up my camera and come out from the boundaries with a new vision to see the world and to capture the untouched beauty of the world .

What is photography for me?

For me, Photography is an art form, which has taught me a lot in life – to be more human and to live on my own terms. Also, to keep me open to the possibilities which the universe might bring and most importantly, to keep dreaming.


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